Sunday, August 4, 2013

Google Autocomplete Case Study

By Mike Munter

Google Autocomplete Video Transcript

Hi there, this is Mike Munter with Affordable Reputation Management and today I'm going to share with you a real life case study where we were able to change Google Autocomplete Suggestions for a client. 

Several months ago we were contact by a client and he was in the middle of a job search and unfortunately one of the suggestions when you typed his name into Google was showing the term "arrested". So that any prospective employer would not see that term, he engaged our services so we could change that and thereby, you know, alleviate that search from appearing in case any employer would do a background check and see that suggestion come up.

So these here - first of all I want to say these are hypothetical: "Joe Smith" as our client to protect their confidentiality and the actual search terms here are also hypothetical, but they do reflect what actually happened.

Google Autosuggest Campaign

So the first thing is that this is for very low search volume client. When you would go to Google's keyword tool and type in "Joe Smith" we saw that there were less than fifty searches per month, so that's what we would consider to be very low search volume and usually a lot easier to change.

The campaign began on April 2, 2013 and when we typed "Joe Smith" into Google, this is what we saw. We saw suggestions for "Portland", "arrested", "training videos", and "facebook". And so of course, the one we want to get rid of here is the "arrested".

So, we immediately came up with twenty relevant search terms that all produced relevant material when [a search was] performed in Google. And our action plan was to daily searches from different IP addresses for those search terms.

We were pleasantly surprised that within 4 weeks on April 30th, we had actually removed "Portland" and replaced it with one of our relevant search terms. Since Joe Smith has a Twitter account, this was one of the search terms in our list of twenty.

Now, obviously this didn't get rid of the "arrested" suggestion, but we did see that within 28 days, we were able to affect what people were seeing with the auto suggestions.

Now the really good news is that by June 8th, we were able to replace the "arrested" suggestions with "Joe Smith rotary" since Joe Smith's a member of the rotary and speaks, this was also a term that we had in our list of 20 suggestions.

Google Autocomplete Case Study Summary

So, this case was closed as of June 8th, so you can see that it took a little bit over two months to completely change the Google autosuggestions.

So, if this is something that is troubling for you, whether it's your business or your name, we're happy to help you.

You can give me a call at 503-890-6663. We'll give you a free, private consultation to just take a look at your situation and give you some idea as to what the cost will be and how long it might take to make the changes. Thanks!

Testimonial From A Client We Changed Autocomplete For

"I had a major SEO problem and needed someone who could assist me with my problem ASAP!!   While searching on-line I found various web sites who indicated they could help me but were quoting me in the “thousands” of dollars for their services.  In addition, they made no guarantees and told me I would have to wait months on end before seeing results.
Then  I found Mike and thank God I did!    He got my job done at an extremely reasonable price, stayed in communication throughout, and within a few weeks all my SEO problems were gone.  If you need your on-line reputation cleaned up, I would refer Mike Munter over anyone else I have come across anytime of the day!"

Yes, this is a real testimonial. Unfortunately, I can't share the client name due to confidentiality. We do quality work and if we're not sure about a certain aspect or the result we expect for you, we'll tell you. It's that simple.

Be wary of firms that give you a guarantee. No one can predict how (or if) Google will handle autocomplete in the future. Call 503-890-6663 to discuss your situation in private.

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