Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Business Reputation Management

Business reputation management has become a hot issue in doing business, but the concept is not new. Reputation management has always been a part of public relations, and businesses have always made it a priority to protect their good standing. However, with the advent of the internet, business reputation management has suddenly become a much bigger task than it used to be. It has spawned the new business of online reputation management that no company can afford to ignore.

The exposure of a business to both positive and negative publicity has increased dramatically because of the tendency of online consumers to actively participate in social networks and blogs. Traditionally, businesses only had to worry about providing professional media reporters with the right information to disseminate to the public. Media professionals knew to check on facts and information before publishing anything. This included announcements, press releases, interviews, and news

Pros and Cons of the Internet

However, the internet has given the power of dissemination to the general public, and they have been very proactive about using this power. This is both a boon and a bane for companies seeking to grow their business by increasing their exposure and cultivating awareness. It is a boon because it has never been easier or cheaper for businesses to market their brand to a global audience. It no longer matters if a business is small; as long as they have a marketing expert who knows buyer psychology and the various tools available, they could effectively promote their business.

The internet is also a bane because businesses now have to worry about more than a handful of media professionals. They now have to contend with millions of online consumers, many of whom could just as easily rant as rave about a company, which could affect the online reputation and sales of the business.

Online consumers are notoriously impressionable. They tend to believe what they see on the internet, and a majority of them let negative reviews from strangers influence their buying decisions. This is obviously an issue of concern for businesses, and many address this by employing reputation management strategies.

Reputation Management for Business

Reputation management may be done in-house, but many businesses hire a resolution management company or consultant to handle this task. Essentially, business reputation management is focused around two tasks: monitor and defend.  Reputation managers keep their ear to the ground to detect, identify, and analyze any new content that may appear on the internet that has connections to the business or the brand. This process has no end point. As long as consumers participate online, there will always be a constant need for monitoring. Reputation managers also employ strategies to encourage positive comments, feedback, and reviews while countering negative content.

Reputation managers typically use and target Google for search engine optimization (SEO), data analytics, and reputation management strategies. This is because most people use a search engine to find pertinent information about products, services, companies, and people, and Google is currently the largest and most effective search engine on the internet. When a search is made for a particular business on Google, the top results are usually the ones that will have the greatest influence on the subsequent behavior of the searcher.

For example, if an individual wants to see where to get Brand X products, a search is made for “Brand X” and results are shown. If the first 5 or 6 results show positive content for Brand X such as the pursuit of a happy client, then this is good. However, if the first entry talks about how Brand X does not work and no one should buy it, the business has a big problem.
Negative search engine results can have a big impact on public perceptions. A business may see one or more of the following if their online reputation is mostly negative:
  • Lost sales
  • Lower employee morale
  • Discouraged investors
  • A drop in the price of their stock

Businesses simply cannot afford to have an unfavorable online reputation. Ignoring these negative reviews and articles would be tantamount to self-destruction. Fortunately, there are several strategies an experienced reputation manager (or a reputation management company) can use to address these issues.

Strategies for Online Brand Reputation Management

As mentioned earlier, reputation managers focus mainly on Google. Reputation management strategies that address negative search engine results on Google include the following:

  • Pushing down negative search engine results by flooding the internet with good reviews, positive feedback, and current news and information
  • Targeting influencers for online promotions
  • Filing a lawsuit to force sites to remove libelous posts or comments
  • Cultivating authority sites to increase exposure though back links
  • Actively participating in popular social networks
  • Creating websites to increase awareness of a company’s brands
  • Addressing issues raised in negative reviews and poor feedback in a constructive manner
  • Using spam bots or denial-of-service software to target sites that contain undesirable content
  • Guest blogging
  • Improving search engine optimization (SEO) by increasing the quantity and quality of website content

The Internet Can Be Friend or Foe

The effectiveness of business reputation management depends on if a business owner believes that a poor online presence has a significant impact on commercial success. Many experienced business professionals are unable to keep up with the changes that have rapidly overtaken the commercial sector because of the internet. They realize that the internet has opened up great potential for growth and expansion because of its open communication infrastructure and global reach. However, these advantages come at a price.

It is important to remember that the online reputation of a business is only as good as its last review or article. Unfortunately, not all content, reviews, or blogs, are created in good faith, and it would be a mistake to presume that the typical customer will check on the facts before making a decision. Many accept what they see or read at face value and consider themselves informed.

No business can afford to ignore the importance of an effective reputation management campaign, and it is never too late to create a management plan. However, do not wait until negative reviews start coming in. Consult with a reputation management company specializing in business reputation management as soon as possible to have strategies in place to deal with negative search engine results.

For affordable pricing on your business's reputation management campaign, call 503-890-6663. We are experts in the field.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Remove Ripoff Report Page From Google

We remove negative posts from RipoffReport.com. If the claim made about you is from someone you can not identify, call us for a price quote on getting it permanently removed. 

Stories that are published on RipoffReport can be removed if they were posted anonymously or using a fake alias. There is a legal process we have to go through to get it removed, but in the end, this will nip your problem at the root and require Google to permanently remove the page from it's index, meaning it will never again appear in search results.

Advantages of our Ripoff Report Removal Service

  • Affordable – our prices are about half of what the large corporate reputation management firms charge
  • Effective – this is a permanent solution. Once completed, the negative report about you or your business is removed from Google’s index forever.

As you probably know, RipoffReport is a complete sham of a website. While the owner positions it as a consumer watchdog, it feeds off negative content and false claims (which are rarely reviewed before being published).
Until the public becomes aware of how misleading the site is, you only have 3 choices for handling a false or fake report on RipoffReport:

  1. Suppress it – we offer suppression of RipoffReport and every other kind of negative content about you.
  2. Remove it – the service described above is how we get your report permanently de-indexed from Google and other search engines.
  3. Ignore it.

Call 503-890-6663 today for a quote and to see if the negative listing about you on RipoffReport is eligible for removal.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

3 Free Places Where You Can Get Published

If you're faced with negative content appearing when you Google your name or business, you're going to need to suppress that unwanted article. You can call us and we'll quote you a price on pushing it off page 1.

You can also take a proactive approach and begin publishing your own content on the three quality sites below.

#1 Inspirery.com - This is a website focused on transformational and personal stories. Most everyone has something that has happened in their life that has changed them and by telling that inspirational story, you inspire others.

You can submit your interview and get it published free of charge, usually within 30 days. Be sure to answer each question completely and remember - articles about you that are LONGER, will usually outrank articles that are shorter. Not always, just a rule of thumb. And don't just copy and paste your story from somewhere else on line - that won't work. Take your time, write from your heart and craft your unique story to help others.

#2 Ideamensch.com - This website is focused on entrepreneurs and features over 1,500 interviews. It's a strong site and will probably rank well once you are published.

Again, answer each question completely and share your entrepreneurial story in a way that will engage others. I know of at least one person who has done a lot of business thanks to a connection he made on IdeaMensch. Submit your story here and maybe you'll drum up some new business in addition to creating some great online content about yourself.

#3 Reach150.com - Reach150 is a site where you can create a profile, upload your contacts and then ask for them to post reviews about you. The more reviews on your page, the longer it will be and the better it will rank when you Google yourself. As of this writing, you're allowed 3 reviews free and after that, you'll have to subscribe - I think it's about $10/ month for an individual.

My advice would be to get started and create a profile and make sure the 3 people who review you for free write LONG reviews. That way, you'll get the length without having to subscribe, unless you want to commit to it long term.

Tips For Success

  • Content Length - Longer web pages generally rank better than shorter ones
  • Unique Content - If you copy and paste an article you've published elsewhere, Google is likely to choose to rank 1 of the 2 articles, not both. That's because it wants to give searchers relevant content, so it will just choose the one it feels is better. Make your content unique!
  • Linking - Both Inspirery and IdeaMensch all for you to link from within your article to another website. This is a great way to promote another website you want to boost in rankings. Be sure to link on your name or business name - whichever one you are trying to protect. Don't overdo it. One link in an article like this is perfect. Both sites allow you to list your social media contact sites, too.
  • Sharing - After you get published, share what you've done with others via your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites. Encourage people to read your story and ask them to like it. This activity helps boost your stories and the activity on your social media sites is good, too!


We're always on the lookout for ways to help you protect your online reputation and the sites listed above are excellent. 

The key to solid reputation management work is to get yourself published on as many quality sites as possible and then interlink them in a natural way. In the end, you build your own little intranet which gets stronger over time.

If you know of other quality sites where you can get published without a lot of hassle, please email me and let me know, so I can add them.