Reputation Management Services

We offer the following three reputation management services at affordable prices. Click any service to learn more.

  1. Suppression (push down negative content)
  2. Autosuggest and Autocomplete
  3. Related Searches
  4. Remove Ripoff Report From Google


Our core service is suppression reputation management, which is the process of pushing unwanted organic search results off of page one for a particular keyword or keywords. Keywords for most clients are usually their name or their business name. In some cases, client's request to have their name + location.

Whatever your keywords are, we can clear page one of Google and fill it up with positive sites about you or your business.

Sample keywords include:
  • Your Name: Joe Smith
  • Your Name Your City: Joe Smith Tampa
  • Your Name Your City Your State: Joe Smith Tampa FL
  • Your Business Name: JS Dry Cleaning
  • Your Business Name Your City: JS Dry Cleaning Tampa
Each keyword is a separate campaign and as such, increases your overall cost. Bear in mind, we don't erase content, we push it down for your selected keyword(s). The cost of your reputation management campaign varies, so please call 503-890-6663. Compare prices of popular reputation management companies.

Autocomplete Services

Suggestions in Google and Bing about you or your business are the first thing people see before they even get to the organic search results. As soon as they type in your name or business, they see popular search suggestions others have typed. Google fills the suggestions in based on content on the web and search activity of users.

Sample suggestions include these and others:
  • Con artist
  • Jail
  • Sentencing
  • Arrest
  • Ponzi scheme
  • Scientology
  • Complaints
Knocking out negative or unwanted search suggestions in Google or Bing is also a separate campaign for each keyword. For low volume campaigns, we offer a flat rate price. Higher volume or localized cases take longer and require targeted search activity. For a quote, please call 503-890-6663.

Searches Related To

"Searches related to" in Google appear at the bottom of the organic search results. In Bing, they appear in the middle of the page.

In either case, we are currently taking on test cases at a discounted rate because we can't say with certainty that we can fix them. We've had at least one "searches related to" case that got fixed, but our feeling is this was just luck. We're in the midst of testing the same strategy on other cases now.

We've talked to others in the business of reputation management and no one we know of knows for sure how to fix it yet. We'll continue to test our theory. If you'd like to receive a reduced rate to be a beta case, we'd love to work with you. Call 503-890-6663 for a quote.