Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Many People Are Searching For Your Name Or Company Name?

By Mike Munter
Easily find out how many people are searching for you in this video.  I've included the screen shots below the transcript, so you can see them easier.

Affordable Reputation Management Video Transcript

Transcript and Images:

Hi there, my name is Mike Munter,with Affordable Reputation Management.  And today we’re going to talk to you about is finding out how many people are actually searching for your name or your brand in Google.  And it’s a really easy way to do that.

First thing we’ll go I just go to Google and type in the keyword, "keyword tool" and the first result will be Google's free Keyword Tool.

affordable reputation management - google keyword tool

Go ahead and click on that and when you do it will bring you up to a page  -you’ll need to login if you haven't logged in yet - but this will bring up a page where on the left hand side you’ll see an option between the "match type."

reputation management - match types

What you want to do is click the exact match; leave broad match checked.  Now what exact match tells you is how many people are exactly searching for the keyword phrase that we are going to type in a second, whereas "broad match" tells you the number of times people were typing in a phrase that contains your keyword.
reputation management - exact match checked

So let's take a look at example using my name.  We type in "Mike Munter" into the keyword search area and hit 'search.'  We can see that we have an exact match of 22 local monthly searches. So that means 22 times each month in the United States, people are typing in "Mike Munter."  They might be trying to find me or maybe someone else with that same name.  The broad match numbers are a 110 locally and over 210 worldwide.  So, this broad match means that someone might be typing, you know, "What did Mike Munter have for dinner last night?" or "Mike Munter business" - something like that.  So, it includes all those other searches.  So this is a good way to get a quick idea of how bad is the damage, how many people are actually searching for my name or my brand.

affordable reputation management - searches for mike munter

Now obviously a name like mine, is not very common, 22 searches per month is really not that much, although it is important to clean up your reputation for a big brand like let's say Pepsi, you know you’ve got 90,000 searches every month and a million plus that Include Pepsi as the keyword.  So it’s quite a bit of people who might be searching for your damaging content.

affordable reputation management - searches for pepsi

So I hope this is helpful to you, if you have any questions feel free to give me a call as always we’re available to answer your questions at 503-890-6663.

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