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Push Down PissedConsumer Negative Listing - Fast, Free Method

By Mike Munter
Here's how you can virtually remove and displace a negative, false or fake listing about you or your business on

All you have to do is post your own positive review and optimize it for your keyword. Since the website posts all content automatically; your post will go live as soon as you publish it. Within minutes, your review will be indexed and with luck, it will outrank and displace the negative, false, or fake listing.

Here's the theory behind it:

Google's algorithm usually only shows 1-2 results per domain for keyword searches for a brand or personal name. You can check this yourself - just Google something like "Pepsi".

You see,,, and so on. You only see ONE result from each domain. This is because Google's algorithm has been tweaked to show us only the most relevant result from any single domain. Otherwise, when you typed "pepsi," you would see hundreds of pages from

You can try the same thing by typing your name into Google. You're most likely going to see search results from a variety of different domains.

We've applied our theory to, figuring if we posted a real review that cast the client in a positive light and was better optimized for search engines, maybe Google will show THAT review, instead of the negative, false, or fake one.

Disclaimer: While you can certainly post a review at yourself, it is against their Terms of Service to post a fake review. Play by the rules as best you can. Best case, have one of your real customers write and post a review on your behalf. Second best case, write the review for them and have them post it for you.

How To Post Your Review At

Step #1 - "What Happened"

In the "What Happened" field, enter the word "Review." What you put in this field will appear in the title, after what you put in the Company field below.

Step #2 - Details

In the "Details" field, you will put your entire story. Follow the guidelines listed below for best results:

  • Base it on a real experience, perhaps one where you were able to take a bad customer experience and turn it into a good one
  • Write it from the customer's point of view
  • Make your keyword the very first thing you write.
  • Aim for at least 1,000 words. Longer content usually does better in Google.
  • Make it unique. Do not copy/paste a story or review of your business that appears somewhere else online. For example, do not copy a positive review on Yelp and paste it here. Write a 100% new, unique review. Duplicate content usually does not rank well in Google. 
  • Use your keyword 2-3 times within your story. Include it in a way that is natural sounding; don't be spammy. Google may not rank your review if it thinks you are simply "stuffing" your keyword over and over.
If you need some guidance on how to write your story, I recommend you use this outline as a guide:

I. Opening paragraph. Write it in 3rd person from the customer's point of view.

Example: ABC Sound Treatment of Tampa is a model for how a good company should be run. They did a superior job in handling......

"ABC Sound Treatment Tampa" is the keyword in the example above.

II. Second Paragraph. Describe what happened, written from the customer's point of view. Be detailed and describe the event as it actually happend, to the best of your knowledge. If possible, describe a situation where the customer experience started out poorly (misunderstanding, communication problem, shipping error) and you turned it around by providing outstanding customer service. In the real world, these are the types of experiences that create WOW! customer service and earn you customers for life. It's the perfect story to share online.

Example: I was in the process of building a home studio, so I could record, mix, and produce my band's album. I was really excited about the process and had studied a lot about sound treatment panels and how they helped reduce noise and give a more accurate representation of how the music will sound when it's done. After speaking with a couple of companies, I decided to order my sound panels from ABC Sound Treatment. Three days later when my panels arrived, one of the corners had been damaged in shipping.....

Notice how we naturally used parts of the keyword, "sound treatment" and "ABC Sound Treatment" in the example above.

III. Third Paragraph. After you've described what happened, write how the company or individual 'made it right'.

Example: When I noticed that one of the panels had been damaged in shipping, I immediately called ABC, to tell them about it. I have to say, I was really surprised at how they handled it. They didn't ask me to provide proof or photos or anything. They just said, "Oh, we're sorry to hear that, we will ship you a replacement panel right away." I asked them, "Do you want me to send you the defective panel back?" They said, "No, you can just keep that." WOW! I was really impressed. They made it so easy and I feel like I got a bonus because I got to keep the extra panel.......

Notice again, how we've used part of the keyword "ABC" in the example above.

IV. Final Paragraph. Summarize the entire situation.

Example: I'd recommend ABC Sound Treatment to anyone who is looking to build out a home studio or who just wants to dampen the sound in their home with acoustical treatment panels. It doesn't matter if you're in Tampa, Florida or anywhere else. They were helpful from the beginning, responsive, and attentive to my needs. They handled my complaint with an ease and grace I wish more companies would aspire to. A tip of my hat to this company and their people for.......

Notice how we've used the keyword "ABC Sound Treatment" and "Tampa".

Step #3 - "Company"

In this field, enter the exact keyword that is causing the negative page to appear in Google. Don't put anything else, just the keyword. When your review is published, this keyword will be the first part of the Page Title. This is a strong indicator to Google what the page is about, giving you an outstanding chance of outranking the negative, false, or fake review.

For our purposes, we'd put, "ABC Sound Treatment Tampa" in this field.

Step #4 - "Category"

The "category" is a required field on the website, so choose the most relevant category you can find. If you can't find one, just choose 'other'.

Step #5 - "Where it happened"

You have the option of hiding the location, but if your keyword includes a location, I recommend including it here. 
Following along with our example, I would put, "Tampa, FL" or "Tampa, Florida" for the location.

Step #6 - "Add Media"

You can add media images, PDFs or a Youtube Video if you like, but it's not going to play a big role in your success. I recommend skipping this option.

Step #7 - "Tags"

For "tags," enter your keyword and a couple variations. 

Following our example, I would enter, "ABC Sound Treatment Tampa" and "ABC Sound Treatment."

Step # 8 - "Product or Service You Complain About"

Enter the product or service. In our example, I would use part of the keyword again and put, "Sound treatment panels" in this field.
Step # 9 - "Value of Your Loss, $"

Since you are describing a positive review, there is no loss amount. Leave it blank.

Make sure to click the "I am pleased" option. (The form defaults to "I am pissed.")

Step # 10 - "Make my review premium"

No need to make your review premium. Don't click the box. Move on to the next step.

Step #11 - "Security Code"

Enter the security code and check the box saying you have read the terms of service. You can read the TOS if you like, that's up to you.

Step #12 - "Submit Complaint"

Click "Submit Complaint" to publish your review. It will go live on the site immediately and likely be indexed by Google within minutes.

How To Promote Your Positive Review On

Social Media

Now that you have published your review, there are two easy ways to promote it. First, share it on your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This creates a link to the review and gives it some attention. As your friends and followers see the review, they may share it or comment on it, helping to make it stronger.

Ask For Comments

A great way to add length to your review is to ask other people to comment on it. Remember, the longer a web page is, the better chance it has to outrank the negative, false, or fake review about you. All you have to do is send your friends and good customers the link where your review is published and ask them to comment, if they like.

Link To It

One link will from a website you control should be enough to push this review past the negative one. If you have a testimonials page on your website, just add "Read one of our customer reviews" and hyperlink to the review at

Troubleshooting Your Review

Now you know exactly how to write, optimize, publish, and promote a positive review about you or your company on You can check to see how effective your effort has been by waiting a couple days and Googling your keyword. Obviously, this is not a guaranteed solution, but it is one we have found to work. If you've followed the steps above, you should be successful in displacing or pushing down the negative review.

If you're not, it could be because of two main factors. The first is age. Web pages that are older tend to gain strength the older they are. Therefore, if the negative review was posted two years ago, you're going to have to wait for your review to get some age to it. In the mean time, repeat the Promotion steps to further strengthen your page.

The other thing that could cause the negative review to outrank your positive review is length. I recently saw a negative review for a client that was 7,000 words long. It was so long because so many people had added comments to it (both positive and negative). NEVER comment on your own false review - you will just be adding fuel to the fire. In order to beat a review that is longer than yours, you're going to need to make yours long, too. You can ask for comments from friends/customers and you can also go back in and add more to your story. Whatever you do, keep it looking natural.

What Not To Do On

Here are a few things you should NEVER do:

1) Do not comment on your own review. I know, I know - you probably want to set the record straight, but this is not the place to do it. As discussed several times in this post, adding more length to the bad review just makes it stronger. It appears more relevant to Google and it's going to rank better. Ignore it.

2) Do not click on the negative review. While you've probably already clicked on it once to read it, don't keep clicking on it. More clicks can only hurt your situation. Ignore it.

3) IGNORE IT! I know this can be hard to do, especially if you feel the review is fake or untrue. Trust me, as an SEO, I can tell you that we love getting comments on pages we write because it makes the page longer and stronger. We love social media sharing and love when people link to our website and click on it. These are all the things you DON'T WANT to do. Ignore the page and focus on creating a long lasting, strong, positive review about yourself or your business.


The downside of filing a positive review at is you'll probably see it appear in search results for years to come. The upside is when people click on it, they'll read how you provide great customer service. Plus, you won't spend thousands of dollars on reputation management trying to push it down with other content. This is the fastest, cheapest, and most effective way of displacing a negative, false, or fake review on, short of having the review removed altogether, which will likely take lots of time and money.

I hope you find this method helpful and if you need help, we charge a one time $200 fee to help you perform all of the steps listed above, to make sure it's done right and giving you the best chance for success. Call Mike Munter of Affordable Reputation Management at 503-890-6663 if you would like our professional help.

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