Friday, February 7, 2014

Google Autocomplete Case Studies

By Mike Munter

Google Autocomplete is the suggestions you see when you enter your name or business name into Google. If you’re trying to operate a business or are job hunting, you know that people are Googling you on a frequent basis.

You don’t want them to see anything negative like this, that might cause them to question your character.

For our reputation management clients, an autocomplete fix is needed to clean up the unwanted suggestions that appear.

We’ve got a number of successful case studies where we’ve cleaned up a client’s autofill results in just a matter of months. Higher volume cases take longer, but most cases can be handled in 3-4 months or less.

Here are some examples of clients we’ve helped.

Case 1: Negative Term – “Scientology”

In this case, a client had the suggestion “scientology” appearing next to his name. Since he was looking for a job at the time, he didn’t want potential employers seeing the term if they Googled him.

We began a campaign by completing positive searches and within 3 months, “scientology” was removed and 10 positive keyword terms now follow his name. Shortly after our campaign ended, he landed a new job.

Case 2: Negative Terms – “Lawsuit” and “Scam”

This client runs a legitimate business as an investor, but someone decided to post an anonymous negative review of him on Since Google uses content signals to initially populate it’s autocomplete suggestions, it pulled both “lawsuit” and “scam” from the negative, false article and placed them as suggestions next to the client’s name.

Even though the suggestions were completely unfounded, something had to be done.

This client contact me at the end of 2013 and within 2 ½ months, his suggestions were cleaned up in both Google and Bing.

Read more case studies of Google Autocomplete getting fixed or call 503-890-6663 to discuss your specific situation.

The Importance Of Fixing Autocomplete

If you have a problem with the suggestions next to your name in Google, it’s wise to address it for two reasons:

1)      People might be typing your name to find out more about you. When they see the negative suggestion, they get curious and click on, thus increasing the search volume and making the problem worse.

2)      When people do click your negative suggestions, they’re taken immediately to whatever bad content is out there on the web about you or your business.

This is why it pays to fix your autocomplete problem FIRST, before you even begin a reputation management campaign. A successful autocomplete campaign steers people right to the content YOU want them to see. It’s the first step in burying your negative search results in Google.

We can fix most low volume cases for a flat fee. Call 503-890-6663 for a quote.

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